Welcome to the "WATCH" Committee of
Public Works Standards, Inc.

The WATCH Committee is an Administrative Committee of PWSI responsible for producing a new edition of the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH) every three years or after California adopts each new edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), promoting the publication, as well as evaluating additions, deletions and revisions. This publication comply with the MUTCD and all modification to it that are adopted by California and takes into consideration the urban traffic environment that local agencies are involved with.

The WATCH Committee is composed members made up of traffic and civil engineers, engineering Consultants and individuals involved with providing instructions about work area traffic control to interested agency and contractor personnel.


Alex E. Salazar (Co-Chairman)

Gerard Charles

William Mahoney

Noe Bargas

Temo R. Galvez (PAST Co-Chairman)

David Kuan

Reed Salan

Adolfo Ozaeta

David Royer

John Nguyen

Don Schima

Stacy DeLong

Kenny Chao (Co-Chairman)