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2019 Work Area Traffic Control Handbook

2019 Watchbook

The leading source of information for traffic control in low-speed construction work areas, thoroughly revised to reflect the MUTCD. This valuable pocket-sized handbook has become the leading source of information for traffic control in construction work areas on local and county roads.

9781557019691 ... $14.95


2016 California Manual of Temporary Traffic Controls

California Manual

The Manual of Temporary Traffic Controls is specially designed for use on the jobsite. Covers every aspect of temporary traffic controls on state and county highways - from tapers, diversions and detours to hand signaling controls, barricades, lighting devices and sign placement.

9781557018670 ... $18.95


2021 "Greenbook"

2021 Greenbook

The Greenbook is designed to aid in furthering uniformity of plans and specifications accepted and used by those involved in public works construction and to take such other steps as are designed to promote more competitive bidding by private contractors.

9781588552099 ... $109.50


2021 Standard Plans for Public Works Construction

2021 Standard Plans

This essential resource is the "graphical companion" to the "Greenbook" (Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction). It features hundreds of standardized drawings and dimensional details covering every aspect of public works construction.

9781588552082 ... $119.50